For multi-day trips

My wife and I just recently returned from a trip with Mark, Katya, Cedar and Lamar....we had a fantastic time. If you are looking for a fluffy spa experience this is not the trip for you. If you are looking to experience a Lake Superior sailing adventure where you live in the rhythm of the largest fresh water lake in N American, sailing with the Gordons is good way to accomplish this goal. My wife and I own our own sailboat and have 30+ years of boating experience. Our goal on this trip was to learn some of the finer points of travel sailing. The Gordons are a deep well of knowledge and experience, they live close to the earth and are fun and funny. The girls are great, deep thinkers and fun to be around. The food was one of the best parts...healthy and plentiful. --Rick

We spent 5 nights aboard Amicus II with Mark, Katya, their two kids, and 2 other friends. The topic was "Learn to Cruise." We signed up for the class because we have been flirting with the idea to "sell it all and go" for years now, with the preferred method of going imagined as a sailboat.We've taken many classes, joined a community sailing club, and even became bareboat certified, but we never felt like we really knew if sailing would be right for us. We had never taken a multi-day journey or spent the night aboard a sailboat. This trip would change all that for us.

Mark and Katya planned all the components we would need to decide if this was something we liked or not: 1 order of high wind & swells, following seas, and seasickness please (well, that part was a lucky circumstance, not exactly ordered up by them); 1 order of peaceful and beautiful anchorage; 1 order of traipsing about sandy isles; 1 order of visiting a ship wreck; 1 order of kayaking in sea caves (reachable only by boat of course); 1 order of composting toilet shared by 8 souls; 1 order of sailing knowledge in the form of man-overboard drills, charting, navigation, using the radio, heaving-to, anchoring, docking, etc.; 1 order of wholesome, plentiful, and delicious food along with sailing kitchen organization & how-to; 1 order of live-aboard, sailboat comparison when Mark's friend joined us for a few days on his boat; 1 order of tucked-away, tiny marina; 1 order of rain to test our foulies; and best of all, 1 order of 5 great days of discussion, experiential learning, and newly minted friendship.

We experienced everything we might need to experience in order to make up our minds if sailing is right for us. All in just 5 days. It was such a blessing to be guided by Mark & Katya. They are a deep well of knowledge and a teamwork machine. They make everything seem effortless and accessible.  This trip was just what we needed to feel ready to make our next big life choices. Thank you so much to Mark, Katya, Cedar & Lamar for being wonderful hosts and guides, and all-around inspiring us to join your watery world.--Sara

For day sails:

We had an awesome time and so appreciated talking with Mark about sailing in general and your experiences sailing as a family with two young kids. I have so much respect for you after hearing about some of your adventures on the boat... think I have my mom and dad convinced to take a trip the next time they are up on the North shore. They would love it.--Alli

It was simply a perfect experience--almost zen-like in its effects! A cloudless blue day, moving quickly and smoothly over a glassy blue lake, with just the breeze and quiet of the lake before you. In addition, Mark's extensive experience and obvious expertise put us at complete ease, trusting to his skills to make our two hours a new kind of experience in relaxation. I would recommend this to everyone I could think of in every age group, and particularly those who want to fully experience the unique beauty of the North Shore of Lake Superior. Nothing else available is remotely like it. I thank you and your family for your vision and taking the risk to establish a service like this. It is truly one of a kind.--Beth

young adult sailing trips:

“Man what a fun way to learn how to sail.”  --David, age 24

“I know now that I can pursue my dreams and still have a family.”  --Brittany, age 19

" I will miss you like family....At the same time that I am having feelings of leaving a life behind, I am also excited to be starting a new adventure of my own.  Thank you for helping me realize life skills that I didn't even know existed, many of which were mental and are ways of coping with life.  Thank you for...evoking the sailor within me.  Most importantly, thank you for letting me be a part of your sailing family."--Will, age 18

“OBT and the Gordons and Isle Royale have so much to offer, and I am so grateful for the experience and for my new friends.”—Jackson, age 19

“OBT with Amicus Adventure Sailing was amazing.  Being able to travel with the Gordon family and learn the basics of sailing was just such an amazing and unique experience.  Isle Royale is beautiful and the lake was such a thrill to sail on.  I’m so thankful I’ve had this opportunity.”  --Rebekah, age 21

"You are truly an inspiration with how you live your life.  My eyes have been opened to following what you really want to do and all the different lifestyles that are reachable.  Thank you for this incredible experience!!"--Ally, age 17

Isle Royale trips:

"I think I would find it impossible to find a better way of exploring Isle Royale than by sailboat.  With lots of relaxation, hiking, kayaking, and sailing, I feel rejuvenated.  Despite the sometimes foul weather, I have found another part of the land to love."--Zachary

"Our bellies were always full of healthy and tasty morsels.  We learned about navigation and had the opportunity to practice skills that we will definitely transfer on our own little ship."  --Svenya

“(We) met as strangers and are leaving as friends.  I feel that I have known you all for many years.”—Shirley, age 75

"The thunderstorm during the night stay at Windigo was a highlight...Other highlights:  showy pink ladyslipper flowers at Windigo, the secretive moose at Chippewa, otters at Windigo, the mine shaft at McCargo, the hidden beach at Passage Island, and the patience you show in your family and for your guests."--Janet

“Close friendships have been made on this trip bonded by laughter, learning, and collaborative efforts!”—Annie, age 63

“All made possible by a very professional and knowledgeable skipper sharing his splendid boat and vision for life with us so very generously.”  --John age 72

Apostle Island Trips:
"...we had a FABULOUS sail [from Grand Marais] to Stockton Island.  It took us a solid day to get there, but the water was blue, the sky was clear, and the winds were fair!"--Christy

"This was a fabulous way to celebrate 30 years of marriage.  We were immediately swept into the life of sailing with wonderful weather, great food, the exuberant joy of jumping off the boat and sailing at full speed."  --Roxanne

"Bless you all--we loved our time with you.  My life lesson from this trip: "We never know where the wind will take us."  --Susan

In the Bahamas:

"Our week in the Bahamas with the Gordon clan--what a gift!  As was so obvious each day; two families together equals a richness hard to capture in words."  --Greg

"We enjoyed being part of your family, swimming all around the Sea of Abaco, wonderful snorkeling, fun sailing, days and days of kid visiting, and such excellent food."--Dustin

"Katya is a great chef!  And Mark is a cool-as-a-cucumber Captain.  Thank you for making us feel so welcomed and at ease--especially for me, since this is my first time underway for an extended period of time."--Virginia