Anyone who sails with us can pick up our book, Big Waves, Small Boat, Two Kids for $10 ($5 off the cover price), after the sail.

Buy our book!.

Our local special is the same as it's been since we began Amicus Adventure Sailing:

Any permanent Lake County resident can come for a 2-hour sail on any available Tuesday evening for $10/person.  We want everyone who lives here to have the opportunity to see their home from the Lake.  Up to six participants total. 

As with all sails, reservations are required.


1. Loyal Fan Special 

If you are a returning participant, you automatically get $5 off the price of the sail! 

Let us know your Loyalty Status when you make a reservation.

2. Loyal Ambassador Special

If you are a returning participant and you bring three or more newbies with you, you get to come sailing for half price! Please indicate when you make a reservation that you are a returning ambassador.

Loyalty Deals

Local Deals