Knife River to Grand Marais  June 7 to June 11, 2020

​Grand Marais to Knife River   July 6 to July 10, 2020

​Cost: $850.00

Contact the North House Folk School to sign up

Private groups also available for these trips choosing your own dates at $600 per day. 

North Shore Learn To Cruise   218-290-5975

Minnesota’s north shore is a 100-mile stretch of open water renowned for its scenic cliffs, water depth and clarity, and exposure.  Excellent protection for mariners exists, but only sporadically along the shore, rending access difficult for daysailors or beginners.  However, with a seaworthy sailboat and a seasoned captain, the north shore becomes a spectacular destination and an opportunity for extended open water sailing.  Join us for an adventurous sail training expedition from Knife River to Grand Marais, a 90-mile stretch along Minnesota’s north shore with a probable stop on the South Shore as well.

As a participant you will have the total sailing experience, as much or as little as you choose: sail handling, coastal and celestial navigation, anchoring, steering, liveaboard skills, and engine maintenance.  Rigorous sailing on open water, interspersed with light-air sailing or calms, is to be expected. Weather will almost certainly play a role in the schedule, as thunderstorms and strong adverse winds are common.  Nights are spent at all-weather anchorages and marinas which dot the shoreline.  Other activities include hiking, kayaking, rowing, and swimming.

We will arrange transportation for those who leave their cars at one end or the other, though you are welcome to make independent plans for pick-up.