Set sail on the largest freshwater lake in the world for a 10-day adventure that only miles of wilderness, a seaworthy sailboat, and a seasoned captain can provide.  Isle Royale’s status as a National Park makes it a precious resource and international destination.  As a participant you will have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the trip from navigation and steering to sail handling and anchoring.  Two kayaks and a dinghy provide access to the many protected bays and streams we will be visiting. On shore, secluded bays and inlets provide opportunity to hike the miles of trails in the Park.

From our experience, we feel June and September are the best times to circumnavigate Isle Royale. The winds are great and there are few bugs and hardly any people on the island, making it a truly wilderness experience.


To sign up, contact us at:        218-290-5975

June 7th - 16th, 2018         Cost: $1550/person  

September 2018 trip to be announced