Captain Mark, Consultant

Check out Mark's  credentials  or testimonials to get to know him and what he can offer.  Or, call for a free consultation about buying a boat, outfitting a boat, sailing a boat, or any other questions. 


Mark Gordon is a tried-and-true licensed sailing Captain, expert gear analyst, wilderness leader, program director, climber, and super-nice guy.  Just ask anybody who knows him.

When it comes to boats, engines, rigging, sailing, and spare parts, Mark has decades of experience to call on.  He is dedicated to empowering individuals, couples, families, and others who want to take a nautical step forward.  He has stepped aboard many boats to help their owners move ahead in their sailing dreams--whether it's sailing a boat they just bought, assessing their gear for liveaboard worthiness, practicing sail combinations, anchoring, or just sailing tips.  Call us to learn more or arrange a personalized consult with Mark on your boat.