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Several short clips of breezy conditions

Call to schedule private heavy weather sailing day or overnight this fall!  $300/day.  Weather permitting.


  Sailing in heavy weather is every sailor's fear and fantasy. Feeling comfortable sailing in winds of 15-25 kts. on Lake Superior opens up a whole new world of sailing possibilities and adventures. This course is designed to give participants the opportunity to get out there in heavier winds for an extended period of time. The course will cover heavy weather sailing techniques such as reefing sails, heaving to, navigational considerations, steering in big seas, and boat preparation.  Our route will take us on an 80 mile passage from Knife River to Grand Marais, MN. Because of the shorter fall days, participants will also experience night sailing and entering a harbor in the dark.  
  We purposely plan the trip for late fall to insure the best possibility of windy conditions.  This is great opportunity to expand your sailing horizons while experiencing the thrill of heavy weather sailing conditions in a safe, well-found boat with an experienced captain.